Cas, I want to have the sex with u
Chris. 20. Lana Del Rey is my queen. Supernatural, Sherlock & Doctor Who are my life. Welcome to Night Vale is just the best thing ever. Destiel, Johnlock, Rose/Ten shipper. <3

I’m thankful for:

Misha Collins 

Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki

Benedict Cumberbatch

Martin Freeman

Richard Speight Jr

Sebastian Roché

Mark Sheppard

Mark Pellegrino

Chris Hemsworth

Robert Downey Junior 

Tom Hiddlleston

Matt Smith

Christopher Ecclestone 

David Tennant 

Arthur Darvill 

Chris Evans 

Because they made my life much better and without them I would not be a fangirl and I wouldn’t have a Tumblr at all. So thanks guys. 

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